See the benefits of incorporating Rocket Cat ACT into your teaching process.

Key Benefits

No Wasted Time in Sessions

Don't allow your tutors to waste students' time, and parents' money, grading assignments during tutoring sessions. Automate all scoring and analysis so your tutors can maximize the time spent working their magic.

Protect Your Reputation:

Accountability and Awareness

Be less surprised when a student underperforms on the ACT and be more prepared to respond to parents' concerns. Know exactly how each of your students is performing and what each of your tutors is doing.

Enhance Remote Tutoring

Provide more structure for remote tutoring. Video conferencing and screen-sharing tools often don't go far enough.

Centralized, Quality Content

Practice exams come directly from the ACT, and real ACT test question writers help create practice items.

Flexible, Affordable Pricing

We have multiple pricing structures to choose from. Whether you want to buy accounts in bulk or have students purchase their own accounts as they would with a prep book, we are ready to work with you to find the best fit for your business.

Full Insight and Oversight

Focus more on strategy and high-level guidance. No manual grading. Gain a deep, actionable handle on every student's strengths and weaknesses down to the skill-level. 

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